Come along for a trial OT workshop presented by Darren Barker, Paediatric Occupational Therapist.

Learn about how OT can train you as a parent/carer to help support your child who has Sensory Difficulties with the tools given.


When: Thursday 11th July 2019. 10.00 am till 12.30pm


Where: Co-op Sport and Social Club. Stockingstone Road. Luton. LU2 7NF


Free car parking. Please find us at the back of the carpark in the building on your left.



Please book your place by emailing: officeasistance@lutonforum.gov.uk


Unfortunately, we do not have crèche facilities available, therefore we cannot accommodate children at this session.


The Paediatric Occupational Therapy (OT) Department have been offering basic awareness training for parents / carers and education staff on the topic of sensory processing to support their engagement/participation of children in their activities of daily living skills (e.g. handwriting, dressing, fine motor skills), for the past 3 years.


The OT service is looking to work alongside the CCG regarding the local offer for support in this area.


We are currently reviewing the last 3 years work, having delivered training to home and school for children who already meet the OT referral criteria with functional difficulties in completing activities of daily living / fine motor skills.


Following recent therapy meetings between local authority, PCFs, health and education, it was agreed the OT service would deliver awareness training for members of the PCFs. 

The aim is to try and help provide more understanding of sensory processing and how to support children who experience these difficulties in relation to their engagement/participation in their activities of daily living

The training looks at expectations on the child from home and school, and suggesting activities and environmental adaptations that could support the child. 


The OT service would like a local offer to be holistic and for other Multi Disciplinary Team services to work with OT to enable the best outcome for a child, as demonstrated by projects such as the Cygnet Programme used in Cambridgeshire.  This is because issues that present as “sensory” can often have links with children’s anxiety, mental health, communication, developmental level, etc. therefore having a single service provision is unlikely to meet the child’s needs fully.  We would be seeking additional project management to enable this to happen.


We would welcome the support from the PCFs in the development of the local offer, increasing their awareness of what we have been doing, and supporting us in developing this further.  The aim of this training session is to inform, and to gather information about expectation and issues of concern that parents / carers have that has led to a request for more support for children in this area.


The sessions for PCFs will cover:

·         A condensed overview of the topics, examples and activities covered in the OT training that has been delivered over the last 3 years.

·         Overview of questionnaire to be sent out to PCF members regarding further development of service and local offer.

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